Events at The Risen Refuge

For the sake of the Body of Christ, we are requiring those who attend in-person meetings and events wears a mask, maintain social distancing, and have temperature taken before entering. 

Our regular meetings and events are continuing in 2021,

and the Work of God is being accomplished through His church.

Praise & Worship Night 2021 Kickoff

Friday Evenings @ 8 pm

Our Friday evening Praise & Worship is all about Jesus! He brought us through a difficult year, and is doing an amazing thins in 2021!

This is an opportunity for the children of God to come together at the end of the week and give Thanks and Praise to the Lord for He is Good.

We have seen a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in these meetings and with God you too can come to appreciate this time that has been set apart for His Glory.


Feeding The Needy Continues in 2021

Saturday Mornings @ 10 am

This is a weekly outreach event that has many opportunities for your help live out your love for Jesus through showing love for those who are in need.

You are invited to some out with us and see how the Spirit moves in our community when we step out in faith. You can donate food/drinks, help packaging bags of food before the event, and pray for those who out there.

This ministry is about so much more than distributing food to the needy. This is an outreach the puts disciples in front of people who need to see the Love of Jesus and hear the Gospel message. Pray for this ministry and join us in fulfilling the Great Commandment.