Welcome to
The Risen Refuge

The Spirit of the Lord burns in the hearts and lives

of those who find their Refuge in Him.


Welcome back message from Pastor Steve (Jan. 9, 2021)


The Spirit of God
is at work in
The Risen Refuge

Joins us and see and be a part of what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in this place.


Plan for in-person meetings during COVID

  • In order to attend the in-person indoor worship at The Risen Refuge Sunday’s at 10:30, all persons will need to …

    • wear a mask at all times inside (We will have disposable masks for those who forget)

    • maintain social distance (We will have greeters to direct people to open seats)

    • have your temperature taken (We will have a no-touch thermometer. Temp must be less than 100.4)

  • For the time being, we will not have small group discussions or a designated fellowship time with refreshments.

  • A sign will be placed outside to direct people to enter through the front double-doors. (Other doors will remain locked)

  • We will have two greeters each week to welcome people to the meeting, take their temperatures, provide them with a mask if needed, and direct them to their seats.


Sunday Meetings

Starting Jan. 10 and on ...

We will return to in-person meetings. We will have fellowship and small group discussions, however we will not have snacks or coffee during the month of January.


Friday Praise & Worship

Starting Jan. 8 and on ...

We will have our Friday evening Praise & Worship and a service opportunity afterwards.


Risen Refuge in Worship & Prayer

Worship & Pray with us

A vital part of the Christian Life and the health and growth of the church is joining together to worship God and to lift our prayers to him. 


Sunday Meeting

Sundays Starting at 10:30 am

We come together, as the children of God, to give praise and glory to our Wonderful God for all He has done. We Worship in Spirit & Truth. We pray to our Father as His children coming before His throne. We explore His Holy Word to grow in Faith, Understanding, and Love

Praise & Worship

Fridays Starting at 8 pm

It is such a blessing to return to our Friday evenings in the Sanctuary to join together for an informal time with God. The Sanctuary fills with music and voices lifted up to glorify God, and it fills with His Holy Spirit, creating an authentic space to encounter God.


Risen Refuge in Ministry

Called to Serve One Another & Our Community

The Christian walk is not one that is done alone. We walk with Christ and our brothers and sisters, and, with the Power of the Holy Spirit, we boldly proclaim the Truth of the Gospel through word and action.

Our Ministry areas are both to the saved and to the unsaved. In the church we are dedicated to help one another in the church grow in faith. Outside of the church our desire is to proclaim redemption offered by Christ Jesus through the Loving Grace of God to the Lost and the Lonely in Jersey City and surrounding areas.


Feeding The Needy

Every Saturday, the Risen Refuge meets at the church to prepare food and pray before heading out to Journal Square to meet those in need in Jersey City. We provide food, water, drinks, sometimes clothes and toiletries. But most of all we give love, compassion, prayer, and the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Small Groups

It is important that every person in the Risen Refuge has a place where they can grow in their faith. In our Small Groups, groups of usually 5-9 people, individuals get to evaluate their own Christian walk, and get personal encouragement and prayer from their Christian brothers and sisters. They also get to be a part of each others spiritual journey, growing closer to God and stronger in their knowledge and faith.

Holding Hands

More than a Building - We are a Church

A Welcoming Church at the Heart of Jersey City

We are a refuge for all persons who yearn for a love, peace, and forgiveness that can only be received by accepting the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

We are a place where those who don’t yet know Christ, come to discover there is a refuge for them in God, if they repent and accept the gift given by God through the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus.

We are a refuge, where the Risen Lord Jesus is glorified by those who are the children of God, and where these children grow in strength and faith, and are sent out into the world to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the lost and the lonely.


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355 Fairmount Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA

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